It’s always great to receive feedback from our commercial pool pump customers. You don’t get to be in business for over a century without paying close attention to your customer’s expectations and doing everything possible to exceed them. Customer service is more than just answering the phone in a pleasant manner and responding to inquiries. At Speck Pumps customer service is built into everything we do. Great customer service also entails producing quality products that stand the test of time and perform up to specifications. That’s what we strive for and we like to think that more often than not we accomplish this goal.

We’ve recently received some feedback from several of our larger commercial customers which, with their permission, we would like to share with you. Many thanks to Roman Fountains, Commercial Enerergy Specialists and Poolworks.

“I am pleased to provide feedback regarding Roman Fountains’ use of Speck Pumps into our commercial projects during the last six years. Roman fountains has proudly made Speck Pumps part of our standard catalog offering due to consistent reliability, pricing, and the excellent customer service we have received. Our reputation of over 50 years is at stake with every project and Speck Pumps is one of few pump manufacturers that hold to our expected level of quality time and time again. The types of projects utilizing Speck Pumps can be viewed at our website www.romanfountains.com

“CES has been utilizing the Speck 95 pump for years with great results. We have found that the pump curves are very accurate, unlike Pentair’s, and that the motors are quiet, robust, and reliable. The pumps are straightforward and simple to work on, and the supply and delivery of replacement parts has been excellent. We highly recommend this pump for all applications that are covered within the published curves. Alvaro G. Mendoza, Commercial Energy Specialists” http://www.ceswaterquality.com/

“Since 2009 Poolworks has on a number of projects installed the Speck Model 95 Pump. In recent years we have combined this pump with the Vacon 100HVAC Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD) The package has proven to be extremely reliable. The TFEC motors on the Speck pumps are of a quality not often found in the open designs. The all polycarbonate housing and large pump baskets have not yet failed us. The pumps come with their proprietary 4” unions that are easily installed and tightened.

The Speck Vacon VFDs have an extensive set of connectivity options and have a very easy to follow user interface. In our region where power brown outs, flickering and outages are the norm, both the pumps and VFD units are behaving extremely reliable, coming back online without the need to reset or reprogram, time and time again! This packet has allowed our clients to afford extreme reliability, huge energy savings and convenience of operation, at a very competitive price.”

Available in 5 & 7.5 HP
Available in 5 & 7.5 HP

See Model 95 Specifications and Downloads here 

Speck Nema 12 Vacon VFDs
Speck Nema 12 Vacon VFDs

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Thanks again to all of our customers, looking forward to a great season.