Speck offers a full line of commercial variable frequency drives by Danfoss. Variable Frequency Drives increase pump performance and are the perfect match for Speck’s commercial pool and spa pumps. They can be used in various applications where pump performance can be improved by optimizing motor speed, saving money, energy and time.


  • The Danfoss VLT Aqua Drive series is an optimizied drive for AC motor-driven water applications.
  • A user-friendly set-up makes installation easy.
  • Motor and Drive are protected against voltage spikes, phase imbalance and power surges.
  • Easy drive setup with user-friendly wizard.
  • Multiple Pump Control
  • Efficiency ratings greater than 98%
  • Smooth motor acceleration/deceleration
  • Protects against water hammer.
  • Dry run protection: the drive can evaluate a pump’s speed/power and shut it off when the pump starts to run dry, protecting it from heat/friction damage.
  • Drive included all necessary hardware, I/O and communication features without the need to purchase any additional equipment.