The BADU Block Multi Series offers straight forward designs that make installation, operation, and service easy. This pump, motor, and strainer housing is an all-in-one vertically positioned compact unit that allows for installation in small spaces. This pump is ideally suited for aquatic facilities, fountains, water parks, aquaculture, and pools with elevated salt concentration.


  • Available in 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 HP Models.
  • Superior slow (1750 rpm) running design reduces vibrations resulting in quiet operation.
  • Before installation, the discharge connection can be rotated freely. (A major advantage at the construction site.)
  • The housing is made of high performance plastic (THK), corrosion resistant without elaborate internal coating and can be used with higher salt concentrations.
  • Heavy duty energy efficient totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor, Class F insulation, protection class IP 55. Sealed ball bearings need no lubrication.
  • Shaft coupling allows motor to be replaced without replacing mechanical seal.
  • A high wear, rugged Carbon/SiC – EPDM mechanical seal allows for a long life and long maintenance intervals. (Special application seals available upon request.)
  • Equipped with a stainless steel shaft extension.
  • All plastic strainer tank comes with a stainless steel basket. (Optional PVC basket available)
  • Equipped with outside circulation and air bleed line that extends the life of the mechanical seal.
  • Optional: Intergrated NEMA 4X Speck / Vacon VFD.
  • Every pump is tested to factory & customer's specifications before leaving the Speck factory.
  • Features Specific to the Model 125/250: This Model is also available with a ceramic coated cast iron strainer tank with stainless steel basket.

Please Note: The noise level from both the motor and pump are greatly influenced by how they are installed. Consideration should be given to minimize vibration and noise transmission.