Reliable Pool Pumps & More!

SPECK Swimming Pool Pumps and Pool Products have been proudly assembled in Jacksonville FL for over 35 years. Every pump we assemble is fully tested before leaving the factory – making a SPECK swimming pool pump the most reliable pool pump on the market today.

SPECK Pumps manufacturers’ complete lines of pool pump products that are used in spas, residential and commercial swimming pools as well as vanishing edge pools, fountains, and waterfalls. In addition to our extensive line of swimming pool pump products, we also offer a line of economy and premium filters, equipment packs and our world-renowned water treadmill – the BADU® SwimJet System.

BADU® SwimJet Systems are the world’s largest sellers and come complete with one of the most reliable pool pumps in the industry. BADU® SwimJet System’s create currents strong enough to walk, swim and boogie board against.

Best of all, our reliable pump products come with our dedicated technical support staff, the best customer service in the swimming pool pump industry. Below is a list of our Pool Pumps, Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pumps, Swimjet Systems, and Pool Products:

Pool Products