Speck offers a full line of commercial variable frequency drives by Vacon. Variable Frequency Drives increase pump performance and are the perfect match for Speck’s commercial pool and spa pumps. They can be used in various applications where pump performance can be improved by optimizing motor speed, saving money, energy and time.


  • Designed for the REAL world – a world that is not gentle or forgiving to electronic devices.
  • The X5 series is designed to be mounted where the work is, not hidden in another enclosure or room that adds cost and space.
  • The only drive on the market today that can be mounted indoor or outdoor through the entire power range and can battle the cold with the built-in Artic Mode feature.
  • The X5 Series can also withstand high pressure wash down of 1,000 PSI from only 12 inches away.
  • The Vacon X5 series features a weather proof, watertight, and corrosion resistant NEMA 4X enclosure. (UL Type 4X, Indoor/Outdoor certified enclosure throughs 75 HP.)
  • DOES NOT require a factory technican to be comissioned.
  • Guided Start-Up: Simplifies initial programming.
  • Motor and Drive are protected against voltage spikes, phase imbalance and power surges.
  • Real time clock feature.
  • Efficiency ratings greater than 98%
  • Smooth motor acceleration/deceleration
  • Overload trip protection
  • Built-in memory
  • The X5 Series has a typical 20 years or more serivce life, reducing maintenance cost and are environmentally freindly for easy recycling
  • The VFD comes with a 3 year warranty.