The BaduJet Imperial SwimJet System complete consisting of Dual Jet Nozzle Housing, Adjustable Flow Nozzle, LED Light, Stainless Steel Ring Cover, Stainless Steel Hand Rail, Massage Hose, 4 HP Pump Model 21-80/33GS and Control Box.


  • Flush mounted, plastic housing with recessed jet nozzles, all controls are conveniently located on the face of the jet housing.
  • Stainless steel 19″ round anti-entrapment cover provides undetectable suction.
  • Stainless steel handles make it easier to adjust the settings while the unit is running.
  • Air regulator (OPEN/CLOSE) knob permits a controlled mixture of air into the water flow and creates a unique, invigorating, bubble effect. It will also add additional resistance to swim against.
  • Light (ON/OFF) pneumatic button turns low voltage light ON/OFF.
  • Pump (ON/OFF) pneumatic button guarantees complete separation between pool water and pump motor control.
  • Air regulator adjusts amount of air bubbles in water flow.
  • Control box with GFCI pneumatic button and tubing.
  • Speck 4 HP self-priming, plastic pump. UL Listed, single phase with thermal overload (no motor starter required).
  • 5 ft. massage hose with pulsator can be attached to jet nozzle.
  • System will include the nozzle adjustment tools to help set the jet nozzles into position for optimum performance.
  • Winter Cover Kit also available. (part# 2326000010KI)


  • The BaduJet Imperial Swim Jet swimming pool accessory is normally incorporated into the original pool design, but it can be added to any pool at a later date. The BaduJet Imperial has no protruding parts ensuring pool users’ safety. Very compact, installs at minimal cost.
  • The BaduJet Imperial system includes control box with relay and air switch and air tubing. Minimum 4” plumbing is required. Pump and Control also available in 3 phase. Read all instructions before installing.

Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise. This product may not be challenging or satisfying for all levels of exercise.

Check out the BADU SwimJet Planning Guide to help you choose which BADU SwimJet is right for you.

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