The EasyFit® pump is a versatile high performance pool pump. The EasyFit saves time and money and is a direct replacement for commonly-used pumps such as Hayward® Super Pump®, and Super Pump II & Pentair® SuperFlo®, Challenger®, WhisperFlo®, and IntelliFlo® as well as the STA-RITE®, Dura-GlasTM, Dyna-GlasTM and Max-E-GlassTM. The EasyFit is an energy efficient pool pump and a variable speed pool pump when configured with the variable speed motor.


  • This high performance pump comes complete with our unique mechanical shaft seal that allows the pump, if mistreated, to run dry for up to one hour. The pump can be used for pool water with a salt concentration of up to 5000 ppm. (For a higher concentration please call 1-800-223-8538)
  • Non-corrosive, chemical/UV resistant, and can withstand temperatures of up to 175° F.
  • Fittings & Risers to accommodate the following models (Hayward®, Pentair® American Products® and STA-RITE®)
  • The EasyFit is available with the following motors:
    • Single Speed (0.98 THP).
    • Variable Speed (1.65 & 2.7 THP)
  • The EasyFit SPK comes equipped with quick disconnect unions for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Lock ring that incorporates handles. These handles provide the user a convienient way to easily remove the lid.
  • Every pump is performance tested before leaving the Speck factory.

Important Notice: Pumps offered for sale, or installed in a residential pool for filtration use in California must be listed on the California Energy Commission website. (Title 20, sections 1601-1609) Please consult the CEC list, search company, Speck Pumps.

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