BADU® SwimJet Systems

SPECK Pumps is the leading international manufacturer of high-quality pumps and swim jets for residential and commercial applications. In fact, 95% of all swimjet systems installed in America are made by Speck – proof that our SwimJet products are the best. SPECK offers a wide range of options for various budgets. Now any pool can become a lap pool, providing owners with a well paced aerobic exercise and years of enjoyment from their pool investment.

How They Work

The systems push water through adjustable jet nozzles that create a concentrated and customizable water flow. There is a “burst area” at the jet outlet capable of a flow rate of up to 400 gallons per minute at 37 feet per second. The swim jet system then pushes the body of water in front of it – creating a current (or “flow”) of up to 5,700 gallons per minute – measured between 4 and 6 feet from the pool wall. We call this the “sweet spot”. This sweet spot and the direction of the flow and its rate is completely adjustable. Our BADU SwimJet systems don’t limit you to the use of your pool because you are able to direct this sweet spot as you like and continue to enjoy other areas of your pool as you normally would.


BADU SwimJet System can be installed in any type of pool, new or existing, large or small, from gunite to vinyl liner. Each Swim Jet System comes with a complete, easy-to-follow installation guide and a customer assurance hot line for tech support.

All BADU® SwimJet Systems are VGB compliant and carry UL, MET and ASME approvals.